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If in String - Result not as desired

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Hi There

I have a Question about the "If in String Node":
The following circuit should me depending on the value, set a prefix, or not.
However, the "If in String" not only outputs False / True, but also the sSub input string. How can I prevent that?



Greeting KroVex

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It looks like you aren't getting values returned from your Get Record Field nodes (They are resulting in "<Unknown Value>"), which will affect the rest of your network.

You can see that you have wires coming out of your Filter nodes that have 0 items, which will prevent the network from running correctly.


I would suggest looking into why values aren't being returned appropriately from the Get Record Field nodes and going from there.

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I looked into this - there is something wrong with the Get Record Field node - I replaced all of the ones that existed with one from the default content library and the network now works appropriately on my end.


I will note, I am using 2019, and am not sure which version you are using (though I can tell it's prior to 2019) so please let me know if you're still having an issue and I will send you a file with a new node in the correct version for you to replace them with.

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As Marissa mentioned


1. Replace code inside "Get Record Field", which is from 2016, use an outdated vs.GetType() command and is not update-ready.

2. I would solve the prefix with the if node:



3. I would try to keep the symbol record format workflow. Because it is so much easier to change the look of your stamp. 

4. Uploaded an update of my example here:



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