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Steve Dubai

Problem exporting rendered viewports to PDF

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I'm have having problems with exporting a PDF. If I render with openGL or Final Quality renderworks the resulting PDF is image quality is very poor. I export with 300 DPI resolution. It looks sharp before I export, the exported PDF is very blurred. Wireframe or Hidden line come out perfectly sharp.

Any ideas?


MacBook Pro 2017, High Sierra 10.13.6

VectorWorks 2018, RenderWorks , Spotlight

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In all honesty, the best way to take an image from a viewport is to click on the viewport, copy it and then open the Preview App on your mac and edit>New from clipboard.


This will open the image in a new file.


Hope that helps.

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There is a DPI setting that applies directly to Raster Images.

This allows to have crisp lines with a global 600 DPI setting for PDF

while you can set your images to only have 72 or 150 DPI to avoid

the PDF getting too large in files size.


You should check that setting.


(Although, in my last attempt for a 250+ MB brochure,

lowering that setting down from 300 DPI had no effect.

PDF File size stayed, even when trying 72 only !?)

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Thanks for answering Zoomer.

Where is that setting?

I've already gone into file > document settings > document preferences > resolution, and set it to 500, 600, 700.

It's still so fuzzy I can't use it to send to a client.

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I don't know what setting Zoomer is talking about, but have you adjusted the DPI of the sheet layers?  If you right click on a sheet layer name in the navigation palette and hit EDIT - the default res for each sheet layer is 72 - you need to up this.  I don't know how this interacts with the export DPI settings, but see if that helps any.

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3 hours ago, Steve Dubai said:

Where is that setting?



Sorry, Sheet Layers have a Raster Rendering DPI.

While overall PDF Resolution can be found in Publish, PDF Options (?)

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