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Vectorworks to Twinmotion


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Twinmotion on Mac.


I have my old Trash Can with D700s.

So far I was able to open and navigate even the worst in size projects.

But I tested only for short periods of time.

(As the PC is faster anyway)


But Yesterday I wanted to play again a bit on macOS and opened Twinmotion.

No file opened, just the blank Window.

And went back working on the PC for 10-20 minutes.

After a while I wondered about loud fan noise and had to realize it is my Trash Can.

Never heard it like that before. The came really hot air out and the case was hot

too. As said, not even a file open.

It took ten minutes until the trash can chilled and calmed down.


 I see PC fans also ramp up with Twinmotion, although file idling, but not a problem.

(While I start to get coil whining while using it)


What are your experiences with temperature sensitive Macs like

iMac, iMac Pro, Macbook Pro and such, with or without eGPUs.



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1 hour ago, Tanner Shelton said:

@rb-arch This was brought up in another thread, here is a link to a post from JuanP

His comment on Twinmotion was "The development is happening during Q1, stay tuned for more updates!"

Excellent!  Finally some good news.  


Regarding the fans, we have mid 2015 iMac 27" machines loaded with RAM and TW make the fan go but we don't mind pushing these machines hard.  We've batch rendered in Artlantis (all 5 machines) for years and the fans crank away like a render farm!, no issues.  The fan is doing its job.  RB

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Yes, CPU Rendering e.g. RW Render or C4D wasn't very thermally demanding

although 100% CPU usage.

But those GPU real time renderers or Blender Cycles GPU+CPU makes even the

PC's fans and temperatures ramp up.


iMac 2015 was the last good iMac ?

Those who was fast but did neither get hot nor loud ?

(Or was it 2013 ?)

The last years get hot and loud again I heard.


But it is good to hear that the GPU load is no problem on iMac.

Trash Can was known to get hot when (both ?) GPUs were really used

and many got damaged by GPU rendering.

Mac 2019 Pro should be fine - if you can afford.

But I was curious about the iMac, thanks.


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@milezee Cool, I had not watched it all before and have just seen my credit, and glad you liked my work! Thanks for letting me know! I am really hoping for the vectorworks to Twinmotion direct link soon, although the C4D export works well at present, its not so great for updating. He mentions direct export plug ins at 12:34 !



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