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Improved Image / PDF Import Command

Kevin McAllister


I would like to see improvements / unification of the Image / PDF Import commands. I should be able to use one import command to import multiple different types of images / graphic files. The import command should be smart enough to distinguish the types so we don't need a long list of import commands to wade through. I often import reference files sent by clients and its not unusual for them to send a mix of screen shots, web references and PDFs. I sometimes find myself choosing the wrong import type and then having to backtrack and repeat myself. I should also be able to select multiple files to import using the shift key in the file dialog.


(I know I can drag/drop, which is a much smarter import, but often navigating to a file path using Import is easier.)






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Often i find some people who are interested in switching to Vectorworks from other old softwares, from where they can export only pdf to manage a file convert process. So: VW actually can't manage well a pdf file, fixing text and colors etc. I think it could be a very important issue to invite new users into this world.

Please add this in 2020.

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