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Truss in colour


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I used to be able to get at the symbols through the resource manager. I can't find any edit behavior now.  Am I missing a simple change?


Edit: I was messing around with generic truss after having not touched the tool in a few years, and colors seem workable there. Kind of a backwards way to go about it and it doesn't look as good as if I could use the actual truss I'm renting, but it's quick enough and clear. It'll do for now, but I'd still love to be able to make myself a library.

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Another option is to use the new 'Modify truss object color' setting in the Spotlight preferences- loads and rigging pane.


This only applies to the 2D geometry of a truss object, but allows you to use the attribute palette to control the pen and fill color of the truss directly, either at insertion or when selected later.


This can also be combined with the new automatic truss object classing. Making it very easy to to set up a template file with separate classes for each type or length of truss (to match your specific workflow or favored set up) and give each a class pen and fill color which will be automatically used at insertion, or when the truss is assigned to the class. So for example you have one for silver truss and one for black truss, a class for each type of truss or a class for each length if you are using only one type of truss in your drawing.


When this is combined with live data visualization (for 3D views) it potentially eliminates the need to create custom colored truss symbols, unless you need them for rendering purposes or a specific work flow.


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Wow. This is my first week active on this forum and you all are really coming through.

All interesting fronts for me to explore.

I think Sam Jones gave me the best option for my workflow. I'll sit down and make a template that I'll share with my guys.

But Peter, I'm going to put wrapping my head around live data vis higher on my priority list. Seems like a powerful feature that I'd be the first in my circle to really grasp.


Thank you all.

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