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Hans Martin Kern

SDK equivalent to VectorScript SetDimText function?

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Hi, I've been searching high and low both in ISDK and in the Object variables for an SDK equivalent to VectorScript's SetDimText() function (http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:SetDimText). Any pointers? I think I'm not seeing the forest for the trees here. Thanks!


Basically, I would like to create a linear dimension object and modify the value displayed by the dimension object afterwards.


Of course, I could dive head-first into the dimHeaderNode and navigate to the text node, but I'm wondering if there's an official way to do it.

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You can access most of the dimension parameters with object variables.  I would set ovDimShowValue to false, then set the leader text to your desired value.  This also ensures that the text doesn't reset if the dimension receives a manual edit or is associated.

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Well, in my particular setting, the dimension would be contained in a plug-in object, so I'm not concerned about the user messing with the dimension - but your suggestion "fake it using the leader text" is certainly a good one - thanks a bunch (didn't see the forest for the trees).

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