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help with drawing units



Is there a solution for this .....    If I draw a site plan boundary survey on one layer, and the building plan on other layers, there is a conflict with the units displayed.  That is, the survey boundary could be shown as feet and inches (like the bldg dimensions) but that is not typical.    The common survey uses feet in decimals.  That is not common for bldg dimensions.  Thus ... is there some method to display feet and inches on some layers, while showing feet in decimals on other layers ?

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@domer1322 just an idea I haven’t tested.


Copy/Paste in Place the  propline into a new blank file.  Or just make the entire site info set, survey, etc in a separate file.

Set dims in the new file to decimal feet.

Dimension the propline on the design layer, and adjust the text size so it is ledgible in intended view scale.


DVLP Reference the propline file into the bldg file.  I think the dims will show as decimal feet?



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Tested the DVLP method and it works, at least in v2019.  But I forget when DVLP was implemented, so not sure it works in v2015.  Example is Polyline>Objects from Shape>Property Line. But this reference method also works for dims snapped to a poly or any other object.  DVLP dims display in units of the source file.  The dims in the DVLP do not convert to the host file unit settings.


@domer1322 Another approach to do everything in one file and prop line is a poly rather than a Property Line object: Use the dual dimension function.  Assign one mode(?) to Feet/Inch and the other to Feet.  Then, in OIP choose to show only one or the other as needed.  Major pain for complicated prop line.


@bcd Just trying to clarify. Are you suggesting update of dims in a Property Line object or a Polyline tool object? Or other? I don't remember doing any dimension updates in v2015. But I also don't remember using a PropLine object that far back.  Or was this update needed if changing mode of a dual dimension?


General comments:

I'm not sure the Property Line object can use duals.  That would actually be good. Probably a wish already.


 But, if Prop line is drawn as a poly, standard dims can be snapped to it. Then in OIP select all the dims associated with the poly and pick the Feet mode.


sigh, so many complications for seemingly normal design element.






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thanks to all of you  ....   Matt:   I read your answer and felt stupid for not seeing that on the OIP .....   until I tried it and found it does not exist in VW 2015.    I figured out the best way is to put the survey on a referenced file.   Cumbersome ....  but I'm glad they fixed it in VW 2018.    If I wasn't already retired, maybe I'd upgrade     :)     

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