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Double Miter Bug?


Wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them.  I've got a roof face where the eave finishes like a "Vertical Miter" but is chosen to be a "Double Miter"  If you look at the pics attached,

you'll see that the roof face is selected and shows the "Double Miter" as the out line yet finishes like a "Vertical Miter"  Is this perhaps something that should be filed as a bug.  I've had it numerous times on other projects and some times I can make it go away and other times not.  Now having said all this it happens when I mirror the opposing roof face, cause if I redraw the polygon and use the Roof Face tool it doesn't give me the vertical miter.  Something for the  engineers to look at?

ScreenHunter_34 Jan. 30 15.11.jpg

ScreenHunter_35 Jan. 30 15.12.jpg

ScreenHunter_36 Jan. 30 15.13.jpg

ScreenHunter_37 Jan. 30 15.13.jpg

ScreenHunter_38 Jan. 30 15.26.jpg

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Yes @Markvl I have experienced this too. Unfortunately its pretty random and therefore not easily replicable when you want it to be (!) 😞 

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Aha. hasn't happened for a while but just did. Took me a while to find your thread. This is by no means a scientific answer but having had a play around I discovered if I altered the thickness of the problem-roof the double miter returned! (Like it was waking up to the instruction...and needed a memory jog....) HtH   

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@David S Ya I've done that to but it has been iffy.  I simply won't mirror any Roof Faces anymore.

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