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wishlist for the Window Tool


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I'd like to see something added to the window tool, more precisely to the part of the tool adding a security railing to window bays:

I have this giant window bay on the first floor, thus I need to apply a railing to it:




The middle part of the window opens to the side on sliding rails like this (look at the arrows):



I'd Like to attach the railings posts to the windowframes themselves, the parts between the posts being big glass panels in order to avoid destroying the view.

These frames are set to be attachement points for the posts of the railing:



That means: the spacing between the posts is irregular. and that's impossible to achieve with the window tool, forcing me to model the railings by hand using 3D Objects.



as you can see, there's no way to make an irregular spacing of the posts for a railing. (Ignore the french language).

For those wondering: in the "distance minimale" field for the posts, I can set a distance between the posts of the railing, but this distance would be the same for the entire railing, thus not nsolving my problem.


So I'd be very happy to see VW adding the option of manually setting the space between the supporting posts of a railing in the window tool.

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@Phileas you can modify posts individually using the settings control in the OIP




Unfortunately this is another 'control' provided by the boffins who like numbers and wouldn't want to drag like most designers might want to. Still - it will give you the options you need.


There's a useful VW 'tube'  https://youtu.be/Pb8AL0SiGHY  and you should look from 1:50 to see your options.




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@Gadzooks Yeah I know this works for the Railing tool


However, this is not possbile when you want to place the railing directly using the Window tool. You can add a railing to your window since this is something you'll obviously have to do quite often since every windowbay above the ground floor will need it, but you can't edit the posts of that railing you created, making this part of the window quite useless as soon as you want something a tiny bit more complex than the most standard railing element.


I just thought it would be cool if the window tool was a bit optimised on that particular detail, so that I don't have to create the fence separately in the future 🙂

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