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Cabinet not functioning

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I've made a cabinet with some functions and made it a symbol.

So I can place it in an other drawing and undo the symbol (cntrl-K) and then adjust it.


But when I place it in an other drawing and try to adjust it, is not complete any more.

Sides are missing or it is gone completely

How can I check where it malfunctions?

It works just perfect in the drawing i've made it in.

Onderkast 3 fronten check.vwx

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Hi @Onink


I'm looking into this right now, but I have a question first - which version of Vectorworks was this originally created in? I'm working on reorganizing your nodes (they all got stretched out) so just wondering if this was created in 2018 (which is the version it appears to be last saved in) or in an earlier version.




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Hi Marissa,


Thanks for looking into it.

It was made in VW 2018.

The reason it is stretched could be because I’ve made in scale 1:20.

Otherwise I wouldn’t know.


I’m wondering what you will come up with.


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This file has a lot of problems with it, and I'm having a hard time believing it's a native 2018 file since many of the nodes are from earlier versions of Marionette resources.


If you enter the symbol and edit the script, the Marionette object displays an error when exiting edit mode, it then displays an object that doesn't look like the symbol did before edit (but does appear to look the same as if you copy-pasted into a new file)


I think your Marionette script is corrupt, and there's not much anyone could do about it without rewriting/rewiring the whole thing.


I've made some progress rewiring it, but I don't know enough about the object to finish it up. Right now, it does appear to be pasting correctly into a new file.


The revised symbol now has "rewired" appended to it. I also changed it to a Red Symbol, which will insert it as a Marionette Object instead of a 3D Symbol.

I also changed some of your Int nodes to Dim nodes so that it works better when changing document units.

Onderkast 3 fronten check_MFarrell cleanup.vwx

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Thanks for cleaning up my mess.


I know where I went wrong.

I used the cabinet from Jonathan Pickup which he uploaded 1st of February 2017 on this forum.

And I copied and adjusted and copied nodes to get the cabinet working the way I wanted.

And it did up to a certain point.


What you describe is what I’ve seen indeed, but I couldn’t find out what was wrong.I will have a look at what you’ve managed to save and recover.

Maybe I will build it up completely new.


Thanks again for your help.


An other question:

Is there a tutorial or explanation on how to create a red symbol?


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No problem! I think it's really close to what you had before, I just seem to have lost at least one node when moving things around.


Creating a red symbol is easy - when creating a symbol from a Marionette Object, in the Symbol Options dialog choose "Convert to Plug-In object"

You can also change an existing black symbol to a red symbol by right clicking on the resource in the Resource Manager and editing the symbol options from there.


Let me know if you have any questions 🙂 

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I think the operation was succesfull, but the patient died after all.😥


The rewiring looks very tidy and straight, but every value is set at 0 and won't change after I give it a different input.

Vectorworks is having a hard time handling it, with not responding for half a minute.


I'm gonna rewrite the whole thing and see if that's the solution.

I will try to make it as nice and tidy as you did.😊

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