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Drawing Index w/ grouped sections

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This may be "old news" but...

We had a drawing index worksheet that worked pretty slick and separated various drawing chunks such as cover, demo, existing, architectural, etc...  worked great with getting "conventional" sheet letter designations such as A1.0, E1.0, etc working in the order we wanted them in the index... up until 2018-2019 and when worksheets and titleblocks were revamped and I couldn't quite get it to work right... until now. Thought I would share what I came up with.


Basically on the title block boarder style I created a new sheet data field called "index". I made this a pop up with the following options, which anyone could change to anything. 









The trick to calling it out on the index worksheet correctly was to make sure this index field was called out first. Reversing the field value order in the list breaks it I believe... but maybe not. In the end I was using "this title block is active" button and when its is checked... that actually needs to be false... that was the kicker I believe in why it was not working for me.



attached below is a vwx file with worksheet and some blank sheets to show hows its working for those interested.




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