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3d poly to 3d loci script?


I have a file with 99 3d polys (circles) with right z height and are planning to do a DTM.

Anyone who can make a script to replace the 3d polys with a 3d loci in the centre of each?

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You could use the Replace with Symbol command. Replace it with a symbol that contains just a 3D locus. If you set it to convert to group on insertion then it will give you 99 loci which you just need to select and ungroup. Just tried it and it works fine

test done.vwx

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In addition to Mark's suggestion - here's a Python script that will find all of the 3D polys on the active layer and replace their center point with a 3D locus.


My limited testing leads me to believe it works fine 😛 


lName = vs.GetLName(vs.ActLayer())
def createLoci(h):
	(p, zValue) = vs.Get3DCntr(h)
	vs.Locus3D(p, zValue)
vs.ForEachObject(createLoci, "((L='"+lName+"') & (T=POLY3D))")


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