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Dedicated vs Integrated graphics card issues


Hello All. I hope someone could give me some idea what the problem is with my computer.


I am using Dell Precission 7710

CPU: i7-6620HQ (2.7MHz - 3.6MHz)

GPU 0: Intel HD 530

GPU 1: Nvidia Quadro M3000m 4gb (latest drivers)

Ram: 16gb 2130 DDR

Display: Dell 24" 1920x1200 + computer monitor - it is connected through docking port 


VW Architect currently 2019


I have been using this machine since VW 2017 but had same issues with efficiency in VW2018 and now in VW 2019. Computer is lagging, refreshing viewports takes quite a long time etc.

Yesterday I installed VW 2019 and accidentally started working on GPU0 as default. I was impressed how much quicker it became. Then I switched back to GPU 1 and it was much slower  on dedicated Nvidia card again!!!  


Could someone please explain me what is happening here? Is there any setting which could fix this?

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What method were you using to switch between the Intel GPU and the Nvidia dedicated GPU?

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Used 2 methods:


1. I tried assigning program to Nvidia card in Nvidia control panel - it does not always work from my experience. 


2. I open VW with right click and choose a graphic processor to be used - it always works as it should.


Then I verify which card is in use in Windows Task manager.



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Do you get the same performance decrease on the nvidia card when you only use that machines integrated display? Some laptops force the usage of the integrated intel card for external displays, according to your dxdiag, both your displays are currently utilizing the intel GPU at the moment.

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So I disconnected computer from docking port.


Run same publishing task forcing VW to run with GPU 0 (Intel) &  later GPU 1 (Nvidia) . Please see attached  log file from publishing same page to pdf. Again Intel GPU is nearly 2x quicker on the same task.


I have also attached another DX diag when only computer screen is in use, VW forced to use GPU 1(Nvidia). I have noticed that in windows task manager GPUs for VW are changing from GPU 0 to GPU 1 constantly.  Most of the time it is GPU0, GPU1 activates if (for example) I go to design layer and start rotating / zooming in or out model.

Publish Log for reference.txt

DxDiag 1 display.txt

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