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Issue with referenced .vwxp file



Hi folks,


is anyone working with referenced project files? We have the following setup: A normal .vwx-file for our drawings and a referenced .vwxp file for our project library. It has to be a project file, because multiple people are creating and updating resources there. The refrence type is viewports and not sheet layers. We have the checkmark set at save copy of resources and updating when opening the file.


Our problem ist that Vectorworks seems not to update the referenced .vwxp on opening the .vwx file, and is not giving any indication of being out of date(shown red). Symbols are shown with a black fill and wrong rotation(see Screenshot). After manually updating the refrence, the problem is solved. But this problem now raised doubt amongst my colleagues about the trustworthiness of the file. We can never be sure if what we see is the accurat.


Any help appreciated.



Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-28 um 13.53.46.png

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I was told you just have to manuelly update the Xref plans. I personally find it very inconvenient.

My Xrefs sometimes just shift its location, too and I have to scroll though the entire drawing to look for it, or delete and import again.

Sorry I probably dont have the answer but I kind of share the pain.

-Would like to follow up this issue when there are better answers, good luck!


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