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Spotlight Beam Wireframe upside down


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It's Sunday. I'm working a last minute set of changes. Tight deadline.

VW 2019 SP2 build 463397, here's the custom renderworks (very medium or low everything), showing the Spotlight fixture's wireframe beam upside down.

Fast renderworks is the same of course.

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 1.11.59 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 1.22.46 PM.png

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second image
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I reported this as a bug ages ago. The wireframe beams can be erratic to to say the least when you have "Use Vertical Beam" checked. It seems to have improved in 2019, however the beam appears off-centre to the focus point. It used to report wildly differing beam angles to the ones being specified in the OIP, now they seem to be within a degree or two which is an improvement.

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What would bring them into the same ballpark?  In my example above I'm only working with ~5m throw.  

Just tried in a larger venue with a 19deg and ~20m throw.  No problems.  Work exactly as I would hope.  So there must be a minimum throw distance for the "Use Vertical Beam" to work.  Still sounds like a bug to me..........

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I have 19, 26 of both source 4 and Lustr2 that are behaving different. Some are stuck on vertical beam without it checked. Throws are 25 to 45'. Very odd. They will also randomly show the beam angle incorrectly in sections or orthogonal renders as illustrated above. 

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2 hours ago, JBenghiat said:

@mjm You do have an alternative tool for this at your disposal 🙂.  If there’s something it’s not showing for you, let me know.

Oh, you mean BeamViz? Here it is (center cone) next to it's Spotlight cousins. Spotlight continues to behave badly in this respect. BeamViz has worked pretty dang well for me over the last weeks. Can BeamViz be directed to focus to Spotlight Focus Points? Best a both worlds!!

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 10.13.26 AM.png

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