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Pause render without losing completed images

Steve Riddle

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I have 8 viewports rendering on realistic exterior fast and the remaining 10 viewports rendering on open GL medium 


The sheet layer size/ resolution for these viewports are 300dpi A3


The render has taken 7 hours so far and I have no idea how long renderworks will take to complete this job, is there anything in the software that does a calculation of approx render time beforehand so I know how far the process has completed?


Vectorworks Is currently unresponsive while this batch is rendering and I have a spinning wheel.


I would like to pause the render, and publish the ones completed so far because I am worried I will loose them all, is there a way I can do this?

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Why don't you use the Vectorworks Cloud Services to do the rendering for you?

What you could do is duplicate the file and just have one using Renderworks and the other OpenGL, or even split the files up further. BTW, what's your 3D conversion resolution set to?


It would be fantastic to be able to have a reverse timer for renders.




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You may want to tweak your render settings a bit more as some settings can increase render time an awful lot. When they changed the graphics engine in VW2017 renders that took less than 5 minutes in VW 2016 at default settings took half an hour to an hour or even longer in VW 2017 at default settings. Of course it depends on the number of objects etc. in  your model so YMMV.

The topic below may be of some help in case you haven't already read it.



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