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Are you trying to make a walk through animation? Vectorworks can sort of do this. I believe the workflow involves creating classes for open and closed states, separate objects positioned for open and closed in the corresponding classes, and separate saved views with corresponding class visibility and object position. Place the open and closed saved views close together on the timeline to simulate motion. Refine as desired with intermediate saved views set to show intermediate state positions/classes.


Part of the process is controlling the distance traveled between saved views. I think it’s possible to hold on a viewpoint while the drawer or door changes state eg pause the forward motion ( zero distance or at least VERY short path length between saved views) whilst the timeline continues. If no distance, the saved views can be created by duplicating in Nav or .org palette.


Seems like we used to have a video about this. Hope you can work it from here.



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Hi Benson!

Nice to hear from you again!

The idea was not to create a walk-through animation because of the amount of work it demands, but I guess that this will be the way to get there!

Do you know if in Cinema 4D the process is the same?



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Screen recording has been a very efficient way to share walk throughs for us. I use windows... On Windows 10, the built in X-box software will capture a screen video but it only shows one window at a time. OBS studio is another free tool that is very flexible for screen recording. Worth a little study on youtube.

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Hey guys

I’m generating a video of an orbit animation. It says it’ll take a long while (currently saying 14hrs) and I was wondering if the animation keeps generating when display is off since I don’t want to leave my MacBook display on for so long. 

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