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Option to open .dwg files directly (not New File->import)


Title pretty much explains it!


I have AutoCAD LT 2013 for the sole purpose of previewing AutoCAD files before I import them into VW. 

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I've got the free version of DraftSight for the same reason.  Curious though...how would this direct open be any different than importing a dwg?   There would have to be something fundamentally different between the two beyond a few clicks.

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We get a whole folder of .dwg's from an architect...sometimes hundreds, and I only need one or two (floorplan and RCP). If they are not organized or labeled properly, I find myself opening them one-by-one in AutoCAD LT until I find the correct one. Then I have to import it into VW. It would speed up the workflow a bit.

It would also be nice to consolidate all the apps on my computer. 

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I think that the biggest problem with the dwg import is the settings that VW applies each time.


First, when importing a dwg file, the dwg file seems to take precedence over the existing VWX file and over-writes all of the class settings in the VWX file (it should be the other way around).  When I am working with other consultants, you learn how they assemble their files and work with them, but a lot of people forget that AutoCAD works on the basis of using line colours to define pen thicknesses - VWX does not.


Also when importing a dwg file, why is the fill set on solid for every AutoCAD layer that is imported? It would be great if there could be an option to have a tab setting so that the imported class can have fill on or off and also to be able to change dwg layer colours during the import process at the same time as setting the line weights.


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