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VW19 - Slow activation on certain object types



as i posted in another topic, vw2019 is quite slow with certain functions. especially sp2 compared to sp1.1

but, as i came across today, it even get´s slow in sp1.1 when you are working with special object types.

i did a screen capture while editing a model. the object that is selected was originally drawn as a "extrude along path" object.

the graphic representation , which is quite loose, made me think about why that is so. so i did a redraw of that object as a "sweep object"

it seems much more accurate, but that is another thing.


much more obvious is, that when selecting the "extrude along.." obj. vectorworks takes much more time to display the objects info in OIP.

selecting the same geometry, redrawn as "sweep obj", makes the OPI much more faster showing up what has to be displayed.


editing the "extrude along path" also takes some time to get up the dialog what object should be edited...

editing the "sweep.." is fast responding...


in the screen capture the purple curved pipe is the "extrude along..."object,  the light green one the sweep object (degree set to 1º)

changing the values in the vw preferences (2d and 3d resolution) doesn´t change anything. also the settings of the degree in the "extrude along..." settings don´t change something...

also mind the cpu load while the objects are selected.


is that a known issue or does this come along with all speed issues known to vw2019?



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I've noticed this on a number of plug-in objects. What is particularly troublesome for me is the Lighting Device PIO whose OIP most of the time takes ages to populate properly. However, I have noticed that performance does vary and sometimes from machine to machine and sometimes from one drawing to another. There seems to be no discernible pattern.


I'm hoping that this is going to be fixed in an upcoming service pack.... 


Does anyone know if this is being addressed at all or should I bug submit it?

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