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Wall component issue




I am having an issue that occurs frequently but not all the time. The models I create have corrugated walls which I create using the 'create wall recess' tool (image1) most of the time I can add windows/doors/ openings to the walls normally without issue, however sometimes when I add these features or other wall components they will not integrate into the wall properly and create a flat area externally and sit on top of the wall make-up (Image2). When in 3d view the window and wall is shown how it should be (Image3), it only appears to show up a problem in 2d mode. 


Any ideas why this could be, am I missing a setting which could resolve this?


Thanks in advance. 



Image 3.png

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I would just assign a "corrugated" formed line type to the  2D representation of your wall style and find a corrugated texture for the 3d representation.

My example has a carful sketch render style aligned to the viewport and are not necessary 

Skjermbilde 2019-01-22 kl. 16.04.37.png

Skjermbilde 2019-01-22 kl. 16.04.55.png

Skjermbilde 2019-01-22 kl. 16.05.31.png

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Hi Hans-Olav, 


Thanks for your response, your renders look great! 

Unfortunately I need the corrugated walls for accuracy as I work with shipping container conversions. 


Any ideas why this could be happening in some models but not others?



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Hi Sara

I haven't used wall recess' tool much and think its meant to take out parts of a wall. I think there are issues when the recesses ar close to wall ends and corners.


Maybe it would be easier to model your wall as an inner part with the wall tool and use simple extrudes for the outer corrugated part? You will then have to adjust the cladding every time a window is changed but it should not be complicated. 


Here is an example of a building we are currently designing with a cladding that has some profiles on part of the wall. 

Skjermbilde 2019-01-23 kl. 09.12.40.png

Skjermbilde 2019-01-23 kl. 09.15.51.png

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