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Patrick West

Site Model Issues

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You know what would be awesome!


A site model function where changing proposed topo ACTUALLY WORKED. 

Instead of wasting everyones time, maybe when I move a proposed topo line to a reasonable spot, it should generate topo that corresponds with that line! Right now, I change a proposed topo line and that the site model freaks out generates an aneurysm.


passively thanks

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Patrick, can you describe the process you are using to move the proposed topo line? i.e. are you editing 2D contours, or applying site modifiers? If the latter, do you have a grade limit enclosing the site modifiers?

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Hi Tamsin,


I am editing the 3d site model by the way of 2D contours. I have not yet applied any site modifiers. 


It would be really nice to be able to edit the 2d contours and have them exactly where they are drawn too. Otherwise I am just re-drawing my contours 2 dimensionally in my site plan, the old-school way. This makes the 3D site model only a burden. 

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If you would like to upload an example, and give me screenshots showing where you are making edits, and what's going wrong, I'll be happy to take a look.

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