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VW beginner is stuck

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I tried to convert a extruded circle to a subdivion object and then move the top.

But VW can not convert it to a subdivision unfortunately.


A: A multiple extrude can do what you ask, but is 'heavy' object in VW.

It can slow down your file.


B: Otherwise you could: 


  1. draw te circles (circle tool or shortcut '6')
  2. place them on the correct height (ctrl + alt + M)
  3. convert them to nurbs curves (ctrl + alt + n)
  4. loft them in the first mode (3d modeling toolset)
  5. create planar caps (3d power pack)
  6. stitch and trim surfaces (3d power pack)

C : The deform tool maybe, but i didnt get it to work. I got it too bend, but it did not shear in my quick test.


Attached a simple file with some tests

multiple extrude.vwx

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