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Wall Legend strategies question

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Hi all, 

Was curious, what are the various philosophies you use to create wall type legends and wall type naming standards in general?  


From what i understand there have been originally 1 type of school of though - that dictated the way you name wall types - simply by sequence or what not. I.e. 

1 - 10 sequentially. However, with the advent of new wall systems, and the variability of many different materials, wall type legends where all layers are included in the wall tool - can become very lengthy, can have up to 15-20 or more wall types - many of which are repeated. On the other hand, you can have multiple (reusable) wall types, making for much less amount of wall types that can all be reused in various situations. Additionally, if panels are to be used for any project, it still wouldn't fit into the regular pattern of a wall, because the curtain wall tool must be used for the panels - that can also count as part of calculating R values and wall width.


For example - 8" Masonry + stucco w/ 4" rigid insulation can have multiple variations - same masonry, same stucco, but rigid insulation might change and interior studs might change, etc... you can have multiple variations of the same wall type with similar types of specifications. The benefit of this system is that R and U values can be calculated holistically and you don't have to worry about openings for windows if multiple wall types are adjacent to each other. (While this can be a big deal to some i still have yet to figure out how the program calculates thermal bridges, this is becoming the norm as per ASHRAE 90.1 and in alot of NY jurisdicitons)


Currently I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place regarding wall type naming as I use wall legends on my plans, but i don't want them to become absurdly large. I have used both systems, some parts allow for them to be interchangeable if some elements are identical. 


How does everyone here tackle these problems? I'm curious. 


Thanks in advance!

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