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user folder in dropbox/cloud?

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Is there any known issue or has anyone tried putting their user folder in dropbox or other cloud service?  I have two workstations, one for the home office and one for the field.  I'd like to put all of my plugins and such in 1 dropbox folder that could then be accessed by either computer, keeping them up to date.


From my understanding of dropbox, the file is kept on your computer once synced, so once updated I wouldn't see poor connectivity issues being a problem.  I may be wrong.

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Do not put your user folder in the DropBox. It will mess up activation and cause other issues. Use a workgroup folder for what you want. I have the same setup and sync all my settings, templates and other VWX-related resources in the WGF, which lives in my DropBox. It works flawlessly. HTH.


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One more word on this: if two resources/files/plug-ins with the same name exist in both your user folder and your WGF, VWX will first pull resources from your user folder, then your WGF. So, you need to make sure that you save new template files, resources or plug-ins to the WGF and delete those files from your user folder. 

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