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Tie revision clouds to titleblock manager revisions


On the back of this thread revision clouds linked too the revisions in the title block manager would be a great way to streamline the process. This could allow them to be tagged with a data tag making the process less manual and more coordinated = less mistakes/forgotten annotations 

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Hello @Aspect_Design,


Could you send me a test VWX file with revision cloud and Title Block Border and give me some more information about how do you wish these two objects to interact with each other?


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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@Aspect_Design  YES!!!!! 1000% Yes!


Revision clouds should come with data that can be used to propagate not only titleblock borders, but also worksheets. We are constantly asked to list out the revisions made in our plans. This would be extremely easy if the data was already there in the revision cloud.


They should also somehow be linked with the Revision Marker Tool. Imagine if the Redline Tool, Revision Cloud Tool, Titleblock Revisions, and Revision Marker were all integrated into one magical tool. That would be the day!

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@Nikolay Zhelyazkov - I'm not sure a vwx would be much help as most of how it would work would be behind the scenes.

How I would envisage the system to work would need the title block manager to have a revision manager that works holistically with a revamped cloud tool, data tag, title block and sheet list as so:

  • Manager: You set the revision up first (lets call this Revision 'A') before you cloud the changes.
  • Manager: This would need the ability to 'close off' a revision so that the next revision becomes active i.e. rev 'B' and so on..
  • Cloud Tool: The cloud tool would need to capture the active revision for tagging purposes and placing the correct revision in the title block. When a revision is closed off (lets say 'A') new clouds would be created with revision 'B' data. Clouds would also need to update the title block if placed in the annotation/sheet layer.
  • Data Tag: Scrap the revision tag tool and incorporate this into the data tag - there is tonnes of potential for the new data tag to be a one stop shop for many duties - this would be perfect and reduce the number of tools. With the data tag pulling the revision numbers from the cloud in the design layer/annotation/sheet layer these should be able to be added when the cloud is drawn or added later (Cloud tool/OIP pref?) and should be fully drag able with a leader line attached to the cloud for optimum positioning.
  • Title Blocks: Title blocks reflect the current revision of the sheet pulled from the highest revision cloud present
  • Sheet list: Should include the sheet, title, current revision and date at a minimum, but should be able to list the past revisions that have occurred on each sheet and the corresponding dates. Other folks might have more in depth requirements here...

Typical workflow:

  • Open title block manager, go to the revision tab create first revision (A)
  • Cloud changes - automatically adds tags, updates title blocks and sheet lists as you cloud.
  • Close revision of in manager, revision B loaded as active and ready for clouds...

At present its:

  • Cloud changes
  • Tag each cloud with revision tag tool
  • Update title block manager for each sheet
  • Make sure the sheet list recalcs and shows the revision.
  • So much room for error and labour intensive...


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