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Generic Mass Planting Mode?

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Hope someone might be able to help.

I do a number of domestic concept plans that do not have specific plant species.

Is there a way to do a mass planting in areas with a mixture of different 2D plant symbols? Just like using the Array modes for a single species, but have many generic plant symbols?


Thanks in advance.


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Try using landscape area tool found in the tool sets. Under the drop down menu in the resource selector (found in the top tab next to “landscape area:”), select object styles>landscape area>gardens. 


There are preconfigured styles like purple perennial mix, white/silver mix. Select one of these and draw a shape. In 3D you will see the mix. Under the object info palette see how these are organized by different distribution rates. These are great to start with and adjust to your needs. 


Hope this helps!


- Tony 

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Hi Tony.


They seem to be 3D not 2D as I do not get symbols in top/plan view??

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I played with the plant massing and am now trying to develop a workflow with them-

This is a great resource and would like to hear how others are suing them in practice

Thank you Tony for the recommendation


The preset configuration allows for more than 100% plant coverage in a landscape area

The file size gets big quickly

If you ungroup the landscape area, you get the 2D graphics of each plant in the area, but the redraw tales time, and the plan results can be chaotic

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