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Workgroup Reference that works more like Project Sharing


Despite the advent of Project Sharing we still find ourselves (reluctantly) splitting files up in order to minimise memory usage when working in the main model file (and, to a lesser extent, save and commit time). If we weren't slowed down by large numbers of Sheet Layers and Viewports we'd almost certainly keep everything in one file. 


So in order to split files up we have to use Workgroup Referencing. But Workgroup Referencing is cumbersome, because the process of editing the model file, then doing a save and commit, then waiting for Dropbox to sync, then updating the workgroup reference is a long one. But the main culprit is the last step, updating the workgroup reference. Because it fetches the entire file every time you do it.


So until Vectorworks can handle a large number of Sheet Layers and Viewports without getting bogged down, it would be great if we had a new form of referencing that worked more like Project Sharing:

  1. It would support delta updates rather than having to fetch the entire file
  2. It would have a refresh button like Working Files do
  3. But it would behave differently to a Working File in the that you could create Sheet Layers that aren't pushed back to the Project File


Any thoughts?

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Why not go further and just Improve VW ability to scale to larger projects?

It would be great if we could get to point where there is not WRG or Sharing because the system just handles them for you. Every project would have the ability but you wouldn't care till someone needed to be in same part of the file as you and sent you request to take charge of part of the project.


Still, in my mind, it would be an advantage if a project wasn't a single entity but was a "file" per layer but in a container that made them look like a single entity.

The system took care of either opening a stack of files stacked on each other if you have write access or as reference viewports if you don't*. Each layer would only need the resources it needs.


* this could be determined by things we tell the system anyway to produce output.


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11 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

Why not go further and just Improve VW ability to scale to larger projects?


My presumption is that this is probably a longer term project, over two or three releases, involving many different aspects. Whereas we'd like a fix to this WGR bottleneck as soon as possible.


So—absolutely agree with you—but if there's a stepping stone on the way that alleviates this bottleneck in the short term then this could be it.

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