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Show other objects while in groups.


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There were a couple useful tools that I had found online a few years back, when I changed computers I forgot to save these and I wonder if anyone knows where I might find them again.

One was a shortcut to toggle on and off the "Show other objects while in groups" preference.

Another was a utility the removed redundant lines, useful after converting a model object to lines.

Thanks in advance,


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There are a couple of plug-ins at the VectorBits site which provide the capabilities that Delmer wants. http://www.vectorbits.com/

Toggle Preferences (Free - Mac only) provides a pallette which allows you to quickly change all of the VectorWorks and Document Preferences.

Optimise drawings (US$30 - Mac only at this stage) provides a range of options for optimizing a drawing. Will purge overlapped lines and arcs; compose lines, arcs and polys; and delete small objects (adjustable).

I could not do with out either of them.

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