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Wall styles(section)

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Do wall styles just apply to plans/top view?


I'm trying to do a section but can't see the wall styles.

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Are the Attributes correct?


From the Viewport OIP, select Advanced Properties... (towards the bottom)


You'll need to turn on Walls as below




The individual components will now be visible.



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I can't seem to find the advanced properties, to do this do I need to create a viewpoint?

Screenshot (33).png

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Sorry - I thought thats where you'd got to.


The 'normal' workflow (there are always other ways of achieving similar results) for this would be create your plan using wall styles (I think you already uploaded as a sketch showing what you wanted to achieve on an earlier post) and then use sections through the areas you need to show. The resulting Section Viewport will show the level of detail you require - including the floors/roofs etc.


Your Plan, using wall styles, will also enable you to use the framing tool to create the further level of detail you require to show timber stud work . This can provide 2d/3D and worksheet.


Hope this helps.



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@Gadzooks yes this is very helpful

however I can only see the materials in wireframe in plan, and when I tried using sectional viewport the result is attached below.


you can't see any of the materials in the wall

Screenshot (34).png

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When you see a red hatch around any viewport, it needs updating.




If, after you've updated, the materials do not show, go to Advanced Properties as earlier. Although (your 2019 is different to my 2018) I believe you need to choose Separate Cross Sections for each material (components in your wall style) to show. But, I'm not able to be precise on this, so someone else will confirm this I expect.


It will be useful for you to check out topics as you develop your learning in VW. Have look at this..

http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FViewports1%2FCreating_a_Vertical_Section_Viewport.htm&rhsearch=section viewport&rhhlterm=section viewport&rhsyns=


Sorry I can't help any further.






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