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If I discontinue Service Select?

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I've had a Service Select subscription for about 4 years now. I'm a small one man firm and don't really need many of the features VW offers so yearly updates are more of a hassle than anything else (I feel like I waste a lot of time trying to relearn things I already knew and often the changes don't seem like much of an improvement). I haven't upgraded to 2019 (and have been frustrated that I can't upgrade my Mac to Mojave) because I have just been too busy to deal with things that break and I need to relearn. (just bought a new house and am dealing with renovations and expenses).


My question is if I don't upgrade my Service Select what am I left with? Do I still have the 2018 version of VW that I am used to now? Does it roll back to the version I had before I started using Service Select? 



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Thanks. Wasn't using the help and support services and didn't really use the library much so I don't think I will miss it. Mostly when I upgrade each year I just end up stressed out trying to relearn how to do things that have changed. Seems like a lot of money each year for changes that give me more grief than gain. 

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