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Save and Commit



This happens often: 


I'm working on a shared project file. I finish my edits, hit command+s to save, then command+q to quit Vectorworks. Then I get this alert: Vectorworks reminds me that I have layers or objects checked out, and they have not been committed. Thanks, but I can't do anything about it! If I hit OK, the file closes and Vectorworks quits. If I hit ESC, the file closes and Vectorworks quits. At this point, there is no way to avoid closing and quitting. If I want to commit changes, I have to re-launch Vectorworks, open the file, save and commit changes, then close and quit. It would be so simple and helpful if this alert allowed a user to save and commit changes on the spot or, at minimum, cancel the operation.


Little considerations like this would be incredibly helpful. Little things like this are incredibly frustrating.





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Yes, whatever process let this dialogue into the shipping product needs to change.


I end up creating a second workspace that maps command+s to save and commit and switch to it (mostly) when working in teams.

Not optimal either due to various reasons.


Even worse it's been this way over 2 years.


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