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'Formula' field in Space Settings


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Does anyone know how to use a formula in the 'formula' field in the Space Setting Additional Data section?

(Vectorworks support didn't know, but the help manual says that is what it is for).


My goal is perform a calculation of number of occupants (=#Gross Area#/#AreaPerOccupant#), to then report on a data tag.

However, whatever I put in the formula field just shows up as text when reported... (Attached is a sample file in 2019).


Any suggestion of how to solve this, or other ways to get the number of occupants to show up on the data tag would be very much appreciated!

Occupancy Data Tag.vwx

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 10.05.52 AM.png

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...I've got the exact same question! Also wondering whether there's any way to control the format, e.g. number of decimal points, of a function such as the area of a polygon used to delineate an occupancy space, other than the global setting for area quantities. In other words, I may wish to have my standard area units to be square feet with two decimal points, but wish to have my occupancy tag only display whole square feet (no decimal points). 

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