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VW 2019 Freezing Event after apllication set to Dedicated graphics card.


My HP Lap specs are I7, 16 GB ram WIN7, 2 GB Dedicated NVIDIA Graphics Card. Application is set to use NVIDIA Graphics Card and with High performance options from Nvidia Control Panel.

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Reply back with the following from that machine please:


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I am also having multiple problems with VW2018 SP6 on Mojave.


1. Freezing: It seems random and can last from a couple of minutes to 10-15 minutes. Beach ball spins.  The FORCE QUIT window shows VW as “not responding”.  This happens multiple times a day.  The available memory can be high or low.  

2. Jumping to other functions: It will sporatically jump into a different view, or pop up a dialog for some functiion I am not using at the time.  Seems random, but changing the window view is most common.

3. Push/Pull, Fillet, Chamfer, Add, Subtract will work when they feel like it:  Sometimes just changing the view will make it work.  I have to use all kinds of work arounds to get the job done.  Sometimes I have to redraw the whole object to get a component right (think hours). It may happen on a complicated dwg (lots of mods creating internal conflicts), or a simple one with no mods.


4. Update: I just drew a simple 2D triangle using the 2D polygon tool.  VW locked up immediately when I finished the third side.  Lasted about 5 min.  I repeated this 2D Polygon test many times. I now have another ~ 5 min wait for the program to come back.  I have 2.25GB free. Appears to 100% defective every time I use it.


Maybe I need to reload VW18 sp6.  What is the best way to do that?

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