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Ultra wide minitors

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Was just thinking the same, have a 24 inch dell 1440 and find myself always opening and closing palets....was thinking 4K, but worried about everything being too small on a 27 inch......came Accross ultra wides and am thinking it might be the solution.


few messages on here about curve vs flat - consensus seems to be curve not really worth the extra cost under 32 inch...


ultrawide - it’s just whether 1440 is enough as I’ll gain space down the side of the screen compared to my current monitor which would probably do for just resource palets etc...

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In that case one could as well buy a large(r) 4K ( 3840x2160) monitor as the number of pixels in the width is the same but it will have more pixels in height and as such have more screen real estate.


Newegg has them from 250 USD though most are around 350


Though there are wider monitors now, e.g 5120x1440 for almost 1000 USD. A 3840x2160 (4K) is probably the sweet spot if you want a widescreen monitor but then get it in a large (32+ inch) size instead of e.g. 27".

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I have two 32” 4K philips monitors that I got in January. They were about $300 each. Great way to work.  I still also work on a 14” monitor, a 15” monitor, a 27” monitor, or two ancient 19” monitors, and I definitely miss the two big 4K monitors when I have to work on the smaller monitors.

32”, 4K monitor is a nice size if you use half sized drawing sets a lot because you can proof a complete, half size sheet of arch d or arch e1 size drawing at 1 to 1 scale on the screen to see how the sheets will look once plotted.  

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