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Jim Smith

Laser Measures

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I've used laser measures & they are ok but I still prefer to carry 3 Tape measures with me in the car (5M, 25 feet, & 30M). I have also tried using several of the apps for iPhones but from what I've seen they aren't ready for primetime yet. 


On Friday I was on my own having to do a site measure & it took me far longer than I thought it should. So on the way back I was wondering if there was a device or an app out there that VW users have used that not only takes a measure but one that produces a rough floor plan?

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Like you @Jim Smith still heavily reliant on tapemeasure.app as I've become a victim a few times with lasers when they take the wrong measurements. I use lasers for long overall dims as a sense check or in those tricky to get at places. The other advantage of tapemeasure.app is when the tape springs back to the housing and cuts your fingers 🙂 I think there are some apps out there that do what you describe......  

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Hi @Jim Smith

Have you tried the photo to 3d model on VW cloud services? While not exactly what you're after, it might be of interest.

@Jim Wilson did a great bit of documentation about this;

Hope this helps.


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I did actually find an iphone app which seems to work quite nicely.

@Jim Smith

It's called MagicPlan on iOS, and while I've not used it in anger yet (so can't vouch for it) while playing around it looks like it's a good solution for your needs

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Look at the software that people use to do real-estate floor plans.
I was using Chief Architect, a surface pro and a bluetooth laser measure.   The walls in chief can be pushed by the dimension line input.  So I would draw a wall then have the laser input the dimension to move the wall.    There is other software out there that can do the same thing.      So when I left the Site I already had my floor plan.

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