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Is this a bug in 2019





I have the following problem. I draw a building level 0.? Than I make a viewport from level 0 and put this on my level -1. By this way I can control the classes in the viewports and make my walls from level 0 visible with other attributes so I don't give a color to the wall and the linetype dashed. In this way when I make changes in my level 0, it will be updated in my level -1

But when I make a section on that building, I see all the walls from my level 0 in my level -1 even when I put the classes from my viewport from the level 0 on hidden?


Is this an known problem, I  didn't have this problem in VW 2018. and the drawing  I talk about is convert from 2018 to 2019

I hope my question is clear for everyone



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yes indeed that is the same problem? Question is when will it be solved by Vectorworks, because in this way I can't use VW 2019. it is a bit regrettable, that you get a lot of 

new features in a new version of Vectorworks but the old things stop with working. Hope I get an answer when this bug will be fixed.



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I wonder if this is the same issue: I deleted a slab (suspended ceiling really) from a file, and it doesn't go away from the section viewport.


It resides on a certain DL on a certain class, but cannot be seen in 3D or 2D/plan with those set to visible. Or everything set to visible.


From the section viewport, it is visible.


It is as if the section viewport had forgotten the object was deleted.


If I set "display objects beyond cut plane" and depth to 1mm, the rogue object disappears from the viewport.


The left viewport displays only what is at the section line, but displays the deleted object


Restarting, resaving an resharing doesn't have any effect.



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@JMR, Could you enter a bug on this with the file?


Try this (keep a copy of the file if you plan to submit it with the bug):

  1. Turn off the "Save viewport Cache" document preference
  2. Save the the document
  3. Revert to Saved (this should reopen the document with no viewports cached)
  4. Update the viewport
  5. Turn on the "Save viewport Cache" document preference (assuming you want it).
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55 minutes ago, jblock said:

@Matt PanzerThis has been submitted as a bug. Reference: VB-160710


Thanks @jblock


@JMR, There is a slab still in the file causing the problem. It looks like the slab may have had some odd section plane geometry cached with it? The first thing I try when I see things like this is to "bump" (reset) the object. Typically, I simply move the object by (0, 0) to trigger the reset. Doing that fixes the problem. See attached video:


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Excellent, thank you!


Somehow the slab has apparently reset and deleted itself during these days, as it's not there anymore. But good to know for future situations.


Edit: scratch that, it's still there.


However I can't touch it via "Edit section in place" nor "Edit design layer" from the menu.



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