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Christian Fekete

texture hatch all over the place

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I created a tile hatch and attached it to a texture to make an"RT" hatch which renders a hatch in hidden lines. I created a rectangle, extruded it and applied the texture to it. All of this works and it shows the hatch in hidden line rendering but I would like to start this hatch at a particular point on the floor. I tried to reshape the rectangle and moving it around to bring the center to the center of the room but when I resize the extrusion to match the room size the hatch jumps around and I loose my setup. Arrrgh

Spending too much time on this, any suggestion?


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@Christian Fekete Seems like you may need to change the hatch mapping from the global source that hatches start from and generally use (hence when you move objects with hatches the hatch stays static) to locally mapped. (If I've misunderstood your query, come back) 

This is for both hatches and tile hatches btw.


For example..


Use the Attribute Mapping Tool..


Which provides you with the adjustment you need to (say) aline the bottom 'course' of the brick hatch. So..


 You will see the hatch changes from black description..



to Blue..to show the change in status.

1345952844_ScreenShot2019-01-12at23_57_20.thumb.png.2187195e8deabcc920ffe22f1b47c03f.png and is also shown on the Fill Hatch Settings. 1732911916_ScreenShot2019-01-12at23_57_45.thumb.png.5088839c075fb994a5a1ca7473a2c9d2.png Which you can deselect if it all goes awry.


You also have the ability to set the hatch settings numerically from this panel.


Theres also the option save your new hatch if you want - from the contextual menu. 



Best bet is to try it out to see the results you get.


There's an old 'tube' that covers this in similar detail.




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I guess I was not clear on this question (thank you for answering though)

I was meaning to ask how to add a hatch to a 3d extrusion so that it shows in a viewport with hidden line rendering type i.e. interior elevation (I assumed that a hatch associated to a texture would fit the bill, which it does). The other side of this question has to do with how to modify this hatch so that in the case of a tiled wall, can be set to a specific origin. It seems to me that this does not function properly in Mojave with VW 19.

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I'm having this issue as well. My extruded object (set to class styles) is placed in a class assigned with an RT texture, which is supposed to give it a 3D texture as well as a hidden line hatch. The extruded object displays the 3D texture fine in open GL, however the hatch does not come through in hidden line rendering. The object remains 100% opaque with no hatch.


I am using VW 2019 on windows 10.

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I think I figured it out, the objects that weren't taking on the hatch were actually "Solid Subtration" and "Solid Addition" objects. I think it's unfortunate that I can't simply hatch these objects and that they need to be strictly unmodified extrudes, as I enjoy using the push and pull modeling tools.

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