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Tool Finder Needed / Tool Search



Why is there nothing to help me find a tool that is not in any of the tool palettes?  I end up having to search Help for the probable location and switch to a workspace that has the tool. Why is there no other way to get to them?  Examples I've had recently have included the grid bubble and the data tag, but it's happened many times.  I asked about this in the Austin user group today and they all told me it should be submitted as an enhancement request.

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22 minutes ago, Kevin Allen said:

or just look at the alphabetical list of all tools in the workspace editor?

That's a nice list of all the available tools, but not helpful. If the tool I want does not happen to be available in a palette that I'm using, I have to figure out where it is (I usually use help) and switch to a workspace that has it.   I should be able to find it by typing into a search bar without having to: a) figure out where it is  and b) change workspaces.

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Indeed, I've seen on many occasions when people upgrade to a new release of VW, and immediately switch to their old workspaces, which of course hide the new tools.

That means a fair amount of users tend to miss out.

A global search box would be great. Especially when you hop onto a temporary machine with a different workspace

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Agreed, this needs to exist in the UI. You can of course manually add any tools to any workspace you like, but that whole process takes you out of modeling and derails work. It looks like I actually filed a wish for this in 2014, but this was before things were tracked as they are now and before I referenced forum posts in wishlist items. Adding this and refreshing that wish now.


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I think the main problem here is that the toolboxes are cluttered and in total disorder.

Vectorworks urgently needs a revised user interface. It's a shame that users ask for a search tool to find the right tool. The aim should be to make it possible to work intuitively.

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