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drawing cutoff during print

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I'm having trouble printing 24x36 ARCH D pages to an HP Designjet 800 plotter. I've gone into page setup and set the page to ARCH D. Then I went into Page>Set print area and set the page to ARCH D. My screen shows a gray 24x36 rect with a slightly smaller white rect (this one has a gray border that looks a bit like an un-updated viewport) When I have a sheet set up, I keep everything in the smaller bounding box with a generous empty border. I still get the last 1/4" or so of my title block cut off. I usually just move it all over and reprint. This is both annoying and costly.

Please help.


Seena [smile]

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I have had a similar problem printing to an HP455ca via Gimp Print in MacOS X.

The easiest workaround is to draw a rectangle as a border on your sheet layer. Keep the rectangle to the inside of the gray border. This method should allow you to print everything contained within the rectangle object.

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I see where the problem might exist. I think the response from type11 addresses a different issue. I believe his is referring to where the plotter cuts the sheet shorter than 36 inches. The plotter seems to cut after the last part of the image and not based on the 24x36 inch standard. His boarder rectangle forces the plotter to print the full sheet.

It sounds like your difficulty is that your image is larger than your print area. On my HP 455 I first go to Page Setup as you have done. When I then go to Page>Set Print Area, I see "One Page" in the pull down menu. The page dimension shown is smaller than 24x36 thus reflecting the margins of the plotter.

If I choose Arch D from the pull down, then the dimensions change to exactly 24x36. This of course is impossible as the plotter cannot print edge to edge.

From your description, it appears that you have set your Set Print Area to Arch D and not to One Page.

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