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Weird points and truss things


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In creating a small truss & hoist plot came across a couple of weird things;


  1. Plot as normal (Top/Plan) - LX Problem-1.jpeg - All normal, quite happy thank you.
  2. Plot in Plan - weird lines emanating from the hoist positions - LX Problem-2.jpeg - Tried editing without success.
  3. In 3D aspects weird lines are still visible - LX Problem-3 at 86% zoom.jpeg - All normal apart from the weird lines.
  4. Zoom in to a hoist at 217% and everything disappears - LX Problem-4  at 217%.jpg - Items are still there and 'glow' when moused over or 'select all'.


Any clues?

VW19 - LX Problem-1.jpeg

VW19 - LX Problem-2.jpeg

VW19 - LX Problem-3 at 86percent zoom.jpeg

VW19 - LX Problem-4 at 217percent zoom.jpeg

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Thanks for the file.  Can you please let me know what build you are using?  This can be found in Vectorworks>About Vectorworks and is a six digit number.  This will allow me to use the identical build and see if I can replicate the issue.  Thanks.

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