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space tool sludge


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Anyone else find that file navigation, command speed goes into the toilet when using spaces? I have a two story project that I have to turn off the space class if I want to navigate without waiting for 2-4 second response. It's like trying to drive a go cart around in a mud pit. Reshaping spaces are just painful. Turn on the space in 3D option and it becomes unusable. 


This is not my first rodeo with this issue. Happened in 2018 as well and with more than one project. 


And it ain't the hardware (see profile)

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@jnr could you show a screenshot of the things you activated in your 3D options panel? I'd like to see a screenshot of your problem actually, I'm not sure I have the solution but you got my attention there. Quite surprised that your Mac can't handle a part of VW with the specs I read in your signature

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@JMR We tried using the space tool but as you mentioned, it is far too slow to use productively, and creates all sorts of lag with the drawing file, even on a blank file.  It use needs to be instantaneous with no noticeable lag or delay.  Hopefully this has been fixed in 2019, but it doesn't sound like it has.

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Not fixed in 2019. Would suggest it's worse. Like the nightmare stair tool, it needs to be scalable. Most users I would speculate need it for basic stuff like areas, volumes etc which is probably 90% of what it needs. All the other features are probably what slows it down. Wild guess is that it's also written by a third party. 

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I, too, have experienced this sluggishness.  As the day progresses, selecting a space can take up to 6 seconds of beach ball time before it becomes active.  Many times I just reboot my computer to get rid of this so that I can finish off the day strong.


Aggravating, especially when having to move or reshape these things as a plan evolves.  This, along with a host of other issues, has me thinking again of switching.  I've got a lot of years invested in this program, and it doesn't seem to be getting better.  Maybe Architects aren't high on the priority list (not sure if other fields are experiencing the same frustrations), or maybe it's the pressures of releasing new updates every year to justify the yearly subscription scam that has infiltrated every aspect of the computing world.


Something's gotta give.... fix the program!  

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