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Learning the ropes.


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I have now for a VERY long time evaluated (And I'm pretty sick of it actually...) CAD software for the MAC platform and am 99% sure I will be going the VW Architect route.

I've previously bought Tom Baer's book for VW 10 but found it dry, boring and not very intuitive. May as well look at the user manual...

Can anybody give a recommendation re some training manuals, CD's, DVD's etc for VW 11?

I unfortunately can't afford Jonathan's training manuals at $100.


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We've purchased both Nemetschek's and Archoncad's training materials. I'm not sure I have a strong preference with respect to the beginner, but the latter has proven more useful over time with our drafters.

It's difficult for me to imagine how the $100 amounts to a real barrier. You're going to spend time and money getting up to speed. . .the real question is how do you best learn new software?

1) If you prefer to learn on your own, post questions occasionally here, and do lots of trial and error (my personal preferred method, frankly), you won't need to buy training materials. Give yourself a project and "build" it in VW, learning along the way all the ins and outs.

2) Very few people don't benefit from the expertise of others (including myself). I can verify that Jonathan's manuals/CDs are not only clear and easily understood but they're presented in a moderately logical sequence with actual "mini projects" to clarify the process. Additionally, he's an architect and goes to some length to help users understand a good way to use most of the built-in aids for that profession.

If you're going to be using VW+A to produce income, you simply need to divide your billable time into the training costs. As someone pointed out elsewhere on this board, if you're only billing at a rate of $30/hr, are you really only able to devote 3hrs to improved training?

Good luck, and welcome aboard

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I Agree with the above $100 not much for what it is.

I am surprised at times at the number of users who will spend to by the program but not anything on harnessing its potential.

Buy the manuals and get into it.

You dont go forard thinking backwards.

I have them and the associated cd with movies and I pull them out every now and then and allways learn something.

Kind regards Brendan

regards brendan

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