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What file syncing services are you using?

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Last year we moved away from an internal file server and upgraded to Dropbox Business for the advantages that file syncing services provide. But the reason we chose Dropbox was mainly because it was familiar to us (we were already using a free account) and because some of the businesses we work with, including building contractors, were starting to use Dropbox.


Now that I have a very busy year behind me I'm having a closer look at the options and in particular I've noticed a significant difference between how Dropbox and Box.com work with regard to collaborating with third parties:

  1. When sharing folders from Dropbox the data in the shared folder counts against the third party's storage space. This means if you want a third party to be able to alter or edit files in the shared folder they will need to upgrade to a paid account if they're to avoid hitting the storage limits of a free account (2 GB).
  2. When sharing folders from Box.com, however, the data in the shared folder does not count against the third party's storage space (although I believe some accounts limit the number of third parties you can share with).


This is significant because it means you can work with people without forcing them to upgrade to a paid account.


So I'm curious, what file syncing service are you using and why?

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On 1/10/2019 at 10:26 AM, Christiaan said:

That's interesting, thanks Wes. Any specifics?


Recently someone told me that Dropbox is still the only Cloud that will not

only synchronize the whole files, but at a deeper level,

just the bytes that changed inside of a file.

If that is true Dropbox Synching would be much faster.

Especially for Apps like VW with their enormous file sizes, because of storing

all Source Data inside the Drawing File.

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