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Stefan Bender

void VWResourceListCategorized::Document_Init(TDType objectType, bool foldersAreCategories): second parameter?

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Dear developers,


what does the second parameter "foldersAreCategories" mean? I tried either value and don't see any difference. What is this parameter used for?


I'm asking because in VW 2019 we have serious problems with the resource browser control in dialogs. Symbols in subfolders do not show up, and clicking on names of subfolders causes flickering and garbage to be drawn (I'm about to write a bug report about that, but it would help to know what this parameter is meant for).


Thanks for any help,


Stefan Bender

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The older resource pop-ups allowed content to have categories, which displayed as shaded bands between icons.  This option should create dividers for each folder.


That said, I would recommend using IResourceManagerContent instead, which will give you a full Resource Manager for the control.



VectorWorks::Extension::IResourceManagerContentPtr fContent;
fContent( VectorWorks::Extension::IID_ResourceManagerContent )

VWImagePopupCtrl* texturePopup = this->GetImagePopupCtrlByID( kPopupTexture );
texturePopup->PullDownResourceLayoutInit( fContent );
texturePopup->PullDownResourceLayoutSetSelectedResourceName( fSelItem );


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