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Scale Bar Text alignment Issues





I've been having issues with the alignment of the text over the scale bar. The text is effectively coming down too far and partly covering the scale bar itself. I tried adjusting the alignment - it seems to be set vertically at 'bottom', but if I change that to center or top, nothing happens - the text doesn't move, and if I go back to alignment options, it still says it's 'bottom', as if I didn't do anything. It doesn't matter if I change the font, size, etc.


Furthermore, I was working on one file for a while, with the scale bar being normal (with proper alignment), but then when I copied a viewport with that scale bar or created a new viewport with a new scale bar, it seems to go wrong. This is incredibly frustrating and it made me resort to drawing the scale bar with lines and text!


I can't seem to find a solution or even much discussion on this. 

Not sure if this is another vectorworks glitch or...

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 12.55.15.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 13.04.30.png

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Have you tried testing it with a more standard font such as Arial. Truetype fonts are a good rule of thumb with Vectorworks. In the past I have had issues with some of the "free fonts" available these days.


Check the class that you have assigned it to and make sure that there is no text style associated with the class. This seems to throw up spacing irregularities...



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@markdd Yes, I've tried several fonts, including Arial (the one I normally use is Corbel, which is pretty standard anyway). Tried different sizes, printed height for the scale bar, etc. with no success. The only thing I could think of that might be an issue is the alignment, but have no idea how to fix it.


Also, I had this same issue in different files which randomly started last week for no apparent reason. Even if I start changing a scale bar in an old file (for example font size, or trying copying it), it goes from being normal to being like that, with the text set too low. See images below - an original scale and then the change when I change the font size from 10 to 11.


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 14.28.37.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 14.28.53.png

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I gave up on the scale bar a while back and instead created a set of my own scale bar symbols that I place on the sheet layer. They look exactly how I like them (I don't like any of the default scale bar styles) and they stay put even if the viewports on the sheet move.


I do have to remember to make sure they are correct for the VP's on the sheet but I can live with that.


There is a wishlist somewhere to "fix" the scale bare tool as at the moment it is a bit half baked.

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