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Insert Truss Tool UFOs

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Heya Gang,


We are trying to compile our library of Truss that we have here tin the warehouse into a separate library file. We have added cosmic-global F34 horizontal and corner cubes. It seems that if we add corners on corners etc. we are ending up with little blue UFOs in the drawing. Interesting to say the least. Can anyone let me know what Im doing wrong in all of this? UFO sighting attached 


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I believe that is part of the Braceworks functionality. Others will clarify. 

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Hi Hayden


You are doing nothing wrong! Scott is correct that the blue symbol is part of Braceworks.


It is called a Truss Cross connection and represents where 2 structural objects, such as trusses or pipes, are connected to allow the transmission of forces for Braceworks calculations, you can define the connection as solid or flexible. 2 real world examples of this would be using scaff clamps/cheeseboroughs to attach an out-rig pipe to a truss (rigid connection) or hanging a perpendicular 3 chord truss directly under a 4 chord truss using a steelflex (flexible connection).

There is a problem that your example picture highlights.The problem is that spigoted corner blocks should not be able to connect together flush without space for the female side of the connection or an adapter. The truss cross connection is the correct behavior for the vertical connection but it should not be possible create the horizontal connection between the 2 corner blocks shown in the picture.

I will open a bug report, thanks for bringing this to my attention




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Fantastic, thank you so much for such a comprehensive answer. I wasn't really trying to build this, but it was certainly odd to see. We are compiling our truss library at the moment and I was just demonstrating how things can quickly attach using the truss insertion tool. Thanks again for the reply, I really appreciate it.

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