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Help for my first subdivision !


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I never used subdivision tool.  Now I think it's the best way to create an organic hedge..  The  start shape is in the file attached.  I would like to create a solid similar to the image below.

It seems to be simple but I can't create this.  Or Subdivision is not the best way??

And I'm not a beginner in VW... :-)


Thanks for help!



Help hedge.vwx

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I think the Subdivision tool is a great choice for this. Here's a quick example. I started from a cube Subdivision primitive and extruded extra segments using the Subdivision tools, aligning each face (rotate and align) before extruding the next segment. I used your extrude as a guide while working. When you turn up the iterations and adjust the creased edges you'll get the shape you want. It could be further refined by adding variation in height/width etc..





Help hedge.vwx

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5 hours ago, Jab_be said:

To be sure : For the second form, more organic, did you started from a sphere Subdivion primitive ?


They are both copies of the same subdivision object. I roughed out the form with it set to zero iterations in the OIP. Once I was ready to adjust the creasing I bumped it up to 3 iterations. Its much easier to start with rectangular / cubic geometry. The sphere geometry will be hard to extrude from. Its the creasing that adjusts how organic an object is and still allows it to sit flat on the ground plane.




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During the lockdown I am determined to learn the Subdivision tool. Since this tool first showed up several years ago I have attempted to use it for projects but I have been discouraged by time constraints of the normal work day and have reverted to building models via standard 3D tools. My first Subdivision Bottle. For this project it's all about controlling size. The only way I have found to control size efficiently is to extrude cadges to work in and thereby keep the size to something that is a useful for a design study. I have put together a page for discussion.


bottle test 6 study page.jpg

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