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Broken tape measuring tool?

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So I just arrived back to my office after holidays, and I start working like I usually do and come to a point where I need to measure the vertical distance between to point, which is normally nothing difficult...

Like I always do, I grab my tape measuring tool  (that one: 1165648629_Capturedecran2019-01-07a14_10_04.thumb.png.6539a9e2de4b697ffecb6b6ed7a9a1de.png) (yeah I'm french)

and start measuring. But somehow it doesn't work like it used to: if I scroll the mouse-wheel while measuring because I need to zoom out or in, the point I clicked to start the measuring moves as well, making it impossible to move the screen while measuring.


But that's not the end: it seems like the tool doesn't actually measure the distance between 2 points anymore: if I measure the distance between 2 points (whithout zooming while doing it) it mesures something, but depending on my zoom level, the distance between the 2 same points changes drastically (see attached screenshots) , making me wonder if I somehow broke my measuring tool lol. 




Update: after testing about everything, I figured out the tool still works normally in a Plan view. But that's all if I go to any 3D view my tape tool goes kaputt 😞

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Posted (edited)

Make sure that you measure in the right plane. In 3D you can measure the distance on the screen-plane, on the layer plane, a custom working plane or an automatic plane. Don't rely on what you see in your model, as a line coul'd look right but you measure into an unintentional direction.


When you are in a 3D-View setting the active plane as automatic is a good desicion in most cases.

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