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Bengt Nilsson

Dashed hidden line render quality

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I am designing some mechanical machine elements using Vectorworks 2019 for MacOSX.

To make a proper drawing for the mechanical workshop, I am requested to use the rendering option "Dashed hidden line" in the sheet viewport.

However, I always get a rather poor "sketchy" render, where circles are becoming raggedy polygons instead of a nice circle.

The "hidden line" options settings does not affect this at all.

When using wireframe, the shape is perfect.


Is there any way to correct this, or is there any other rendering option available?




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Try checking these two settings;

go to:   Tools -> Options -> Vectorworks Preferences.


Under the "Edit" tab, look on the right for "2D conversion resolution" and it's likely that it's set to "Low" or "Medium".... Try raising that first, and that will improve the circle rendering in the hidden line VP, at the expense of speed.


If that doesn't work, in the same dialogue box, go to the "3D" tab, and look for "3D conversion resolution" and do the same.

I think the first option is for flat sheets rendering, and the second one is for live 3d modelling, using both you can optimise the performance/quality balance of VW.


When models get complex or slower, I lower the resolution for working, and then just before output I re-raise it again to get better quality (albeit at a speed cost)


I hope this helps!



P.S. as a footnote, Section Viewports have this control built in. Select the section VP and in the OIP choose "Advanced Properties", and in the "Display" tab you'll see the same. I for one would love to see this control applied to all viewports, so we can select on a case by case basis!

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Also, check the Line Render Options and make sure that a Sketch mode is not turned on.  You may also want to set the smoothing angle so you get less lines on curved objects.

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