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Image Box Problem

Eoin R

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We are having a problem with incorporating images into Vectorworks. We want to bring in free hand sketches into the VW drawings. The problem is that as well as the images we are getting a very faint but noticable box around the image and a pair of diagonal lines running from corner to corner. Does anybody know of any way of getting rid of the box and the diagonal lines? N.B. the lines do not appear in Photoshop prior to import into VW. Many thanks

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You may also want to check the pixel size of the image you are importing. VW will sometimes choke on very large images.

If the image is just for tracing, a relatively low DPI setting is fine. If it is intended to print, you can get by with as low as 100dpi if necessary.

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It sounds like you may have used a PICT or EPS that has a different resolution/preview/or bit parameter than your OS supports.

Try to save the image as a format such as PNG, JPG or Bitmap and then import it.

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Thanks. The original image was in JPG format. I went back to the original image yesterday and in Photoshop decreased the resolution and increased the canvas(background) size. I then reimported the image into Vectorworks. It worked and the outline box did not appear. Maybe in a future version of VW this bug could be ironed out. We import a lot of photographs and graphics into our drawings and its important to get this right.

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